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Siding Repair

Here we replaced a fair share of rotten siding.

Looks can be decieving! Many of my customers whom I've repaired siding on their homes for, had no idea of leaking windows or problems with water pouring down the wall from a roof return.

Fortunately this was easy to spot as some of the siding was totally saturated and swelled/buckled. the lower window had to be temporarily removed and some framing had to be replaced in the wall. Most of the exterior sheathing needed to be replaced as well.

In our endeavor to use the best products available, we use ZIP Sheating and Tape. Often with these types of repairs I charge hourly. Using ZIP is not only a top of the line, long lasting product, but it also provides an extremely quick and easy installation. As soon as the seams are taped, the wall is ready for weather, even before the siding is installed!

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