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Full Home Update

We updated this home with all new floors, paint and hardware for the cabinets, and much more!

This home originally had carpets all throughout along with dated vinyl flooring in the kitchen, laundry, and bathrooms. we removed all of the carpet and replaced it with LVT (luxury vinyl tile) which is very affordable and durable.

In the Kitchen, 12" x 24" porcelain tiles were installed over an uncoupling membrane designed to prevent cracks when substraights expand and contract. This type of installation provides a long lasting tile floor.

The Kitchen ceiling prior to this update had old florescent lights contained in the drop ceiling that needed to go! We removed the florescent lights and framed in the opening, replacing them with 6" LED faux "can lights" with built in night lights that provide a great warm setting.

New soft-close hinges were installed on all the cabinet doors along with paint and new Stainless Steel handles for all the doors and drawers. The old formica countertops were also replaced with natural quarts countertops with a beautiful blue vein that matches the cabinets.

Project Gallery

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