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Deck Refresher

This deck needed some love, We provided that!

You can see from the pictures, this deck was built with the joists too far apart at 32" on center and surfaced with doug fir 2"x 6"s. Doug fir is not a material suitable for long term exposure to the elements.

We started by removing all the old decking and inspecting the existing framing. The condition of the existing framing allowed us to leave what was there. (Budget and time constraints also played a part). G-Tape was applied to the surface of the old joists which adds years to the life of the framing members by reducing water intrusion.

In between days, a temporary gaurd rail was installed to protect the client, specifically their small children. We take any necessary precautions to keep our clients safe when carrying out our work.

The finished product, while simple, looked stunning. Trex Decking (Rocky Harbor) with color matched screws were installed. This will prove to be a long lasting solution and an even better space to enjoy some sunshine on a beautiful day.

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